WCC Members Support SSAFA

SSAFA Wiltshire asked Warminster Camera Club to help out with their WWI Memories event on 9th & 10 June by providing some photographs for them. Paul Duckworth volunteered and attended for both days and member of both SSAFA and WCC, David Covey, took time out from manning a stand to provide valuable assistance on the Saturday.
The aim on Saturday was to take photographs of each of the stands, the exhibits and the people visiting the event. It was a challenge to get a SSAFA element in as many of the photos as possible. It was here that David proved to be a great assistance, approaching people and getting them to pose whilst Paul took the photos. The day was hot and sunny, which great for the event but made getting good photos in the harsh sunlight challenging.
On Sunday there was a march from the Market Square to the Cathedral by Cadets and Veterans, including bands. This was followed by a meet and greet by the local dignitaries and then a service in the Cathedral (though photography was prohibited inside the Cathedral itself – clicking of shutters and/or flash would have proved to be an unwelcome distraction from the service).
It was an enjoyable weekend and one which enable support to be given to a great charity. For more photos of the event please have a look at the SSAFA Wiltshire Facebook Page.

Images: Paul Duckworth
Report: Paul Duckworth

Pixelated Ladies go to Lytes Cary

The Pixelated Ladies (aka Carole, Marny & Mil) got together for an outing today and visited Lytes Cary manor house and gardens in Somerset. It’s a short run down the A303 and a turn off the A372, although they took a detour to Somerton for coffee/tea and teacakes to fuel the little grey cells.
Lytes Cary is modest in size with some well stocked gardens and, of course, the obligatory tea rooms. The sunny/lightly clouded morning was ideal for photographing flowers and insects, so the cameras and tripods were soon pressed into service and the ladies meandered around the gardens for a good couple of hours. By the afternoon the cloud cover had thickened up, and the quality of the light deteriorated, so it was time to head to the tea shop for cream teas all round and a protracted natter about photography, camera club, judges, distinctions and awards, and anything else concerned with their passion for their hobby.
If you’ve got a day free to go out with your camera, why not invite some of your fellow  Warminster Camera Club photographers to share the ride? You don’t have to be “joined at the hip” when you get to your chosen location but it’s fun to share your interest with other club members. If you do so please write up a short report of the trip with a few photos and send to webmaster@warminstercameraclub.co.uk for inclusion on the club’s web site.

Congratulaions Carole

Many congratulations to our new Chair Carole Zimmerman who has been awarded the CPAGB (Certificate of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain).
To gain the award Carole had to submit 10 images to be assessed by a panel of 6 judges. The judges each award marks out of 5 ,and the 10 images need to achieve a combined score of 200 points or more for the Certificate to be awarded. There is very little room for “getting away with” a poor image or one that just doesn’t appeal to the judges so it’s challenging to produce 10 images of sufficient merit.
The standard is very high and the images, even for the first level of the awards, are probable candidates for acceptance by the salons. Carole has been entering salons with some considerable success so was in a good position to submit her images to the PAGB.
Penny Piddock of Dorchester club was Carole’s mentor for the process and was a very good guiding light. As with any mentor worth having, Penny was honest and fair with her assessment of Carole’s images, and the suggestions she made to improve some, and I know Carole is very grateful for Penny’s time and input.
Carole has worked very hard to achieve the award and it’s very well deserved, so I’m sure we would all like to offer our congratulations.
Working for a PAGB Award or an RPS Distinction is a very good way to challenge yourself to make a step up from club photography. More information on these can be found at www.thepagb.org.uk and www.rps.org, or speak to Carole (CPAGB), Marny (LRPS) or Mil (LRPS).

Images: Mil Chimley LRPS
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS

An Outing to Nash Point

No disrespect to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex but the media frenzy surrounding their wedding last Saturday drove 4 intrepid photographers to head out with cameras but without TV or radio.
Richard had wanted to visit Nash Point in South Wales and invited any 3 other club members to join him; Anjalika, Brian and Mil were the first to respond so bagged the spare seats in Richard’s car.
The weather was perfect, sunny and relatively warm, so we made the most of the day and it was well after 11:00pm when we arrived back in Warminster.
First stop was Llantwit Major for a spot of lunch followed by a stroll up the steep path to the top of the cliffs, then back down and on to the beach. After that we went to Dunraven beach, Ogmore Castle and then on to the main attraction, Nash Point.
I think it’s fair to say that quite a few pixels were exposed between us and, whether we end up with any prize winners or not, we had a great day together. It was the first full day Brian had been out with his camera and he proceeded with due caution, but it was good to see him with camera in hand again. By the time we got to Nash Point Mil & he were both getting tired so opted to stay up on the cliffs while Richard and Anjalika took the steep path to the beach hoping to catch a magnificent sunset.
The images accompanying this report were taken by Richard, Anjalika and Mil but they are so diverse you may wonder if we all went to the same place. Interesting to see how their individual styles influenced the images we each took.
While the club doesn’t have a formal summer programme if anybody is heading out for the day with camera in hand why not invite along a few other club members to fill up your car? It’s great to share ideas and learn from each other.

Images: Richard, Anjalika & Mil
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS