2017-12-05 Competition No 2

On Tuesday Rob Heslop joined us to give his assessment of our Competition No 2 images. Rob works in Bristol and lives in the Forest of Dean, so we were grateful to him for travelling so far. He’d looked at all the images at home in advance of the competition so we received his carefully considered opinion.
Rob was complimentary about the range of subjects covered by club members and enthusiastic about all the things that appealed to him in our images, but was apologetic about “being a judge” and pointing out those things that could be improved. No apology necessary Rob as we’d asked for your opinion and applaud your honesty.
The range of marks was fairly wide but to be expected in a competition where the member’s experience ranges novice photographers to those that are “old hands”, and gave a realistic picture of how one image rated against the others.
Best scores of the night among the 41 DPIs entered were Debra Williams for Clevedon Pier (19), Andrew Folker for Melon Girl (19) and Child Monk (20) and Carole Zimmerman for Southern Ground Hornbill (fly past) (20).
From the 16 prints best marks were awarded to Peter Clarke for The Landlord (19), Mil Chimley for Fungi (19) and Anjalika Baier for Getting Stuck In (20).
Congratulations to the high scorers and all the members that entered images as we’d have no competition without you.
Details of all scores and the current Pool positions can be found in the Members’ Only area of the web site.
Only the Competition Secretary and the Chairman knew that this was Rob’s first booking as a judge but we’re confident that it won’t be his last as his honesty and the delivery of his assessment are all any club could hope for.

Images: Geoff Sims & Members
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS

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