2018-19 Comp 2

We welcomed back Tony Oliver (ARPS, CPAGB,BPE3) as our Judge for the second open competition of the year. Tony, a retired Fireman, says that his main photographic passion is landscapes and in particular images of Wiltshire and his home town of Salisbury. Also favours monochrome. Oh dear some of us (well me anyway) thought! We needn’t have worried as a look at Tony’s web site (www.aropics.com) would show that his interests are pretty varied. Well worth taking a look at his Salisbury images.
Tony had a decent entry of 18 DPI’s and 28 Prints covering a wide variety of subjects to judge. From the outset he gave a thoughtful review of each image providing us with feedback on what he enjoyed, what he thought could be improved and where the artist had not made the most of their image. After the meeting it was felt that he had got it just about right.
Scores in the DPI section ranged from 13 to 20. Tony liked the Exmoor Stag (Angus) and awarded 18 points but the stand out images were Richards Nash Point, a monochrome which had that Ansel Adams look about it. This gained 19 points. Carole found another surfer which Tony really enjoyed and duly rewarded with 20 points. Overall it was felt that the standard of images in this competition showed an improvement.
Turning to the large entry of Prints, Tony did remark that he thought that the standard was good and this was reflected in the number (nine) of prints earning 18 and above . Tony liked Gary’s well captured “Beak Cleaning” (19) and Anjalika’s stunning monochrome of “James” which also earned 19 points. Gary’s amusing and very well presented “Taking a drink” was rewarded with 18 as was Anjalika’s “Beauty of the Beast from the East” (top award for longest title!) again a very effective monochrome. Brian’s “On the move” gained praise for it’s detail and atmospheric feel and resulted in 18 Points. Peter’s “The Meeting” scored likewise. Tony awarded three 20 points to Gary’s stunning Macro a highly detailed head of a “Greenbottle”. It’s still in his fridge if anyone wants to have a go! Peter’s “Green Violetear” and “Keel-billed Toucan” also gained 20’s but I’ll leave the readers to make their own judgement.
Overall a good standard of images. Well done to everyone and thank you Tony.

Images: Geoff Sims & Members
Report: Peter Clarke

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