Calne Multiclub DPI Competition

Just for a change – we came third (after joint win Swindon Camera Club and Stratton Photographic Society). We got 134 points and the winners were only 3 ahead, with 137.
There were three images that scored 20 – one was Peter’s ‘Magnificent Hummingbirds’ – congratulations Peter. The judge (Sandy Cox) gave a range of marks, with many images only gaining 12-14. She liked natural history though – Gary got 18 for the Bee-Eater and 19 for ‘Spoonbill Feeding’ – well deserved and well done.
Mil had softened her ‘Immature Parasol Mushrooms’ and printed on textured paper, (which we all liked) – Sandy decided it needed more contrast (13). She couldn’t figure out Anjalika’s abstract ‘Into the Light’ so that also got 13.
Carole’s ‘Browsing on the Company Vehicle’ – she would have liked to have seen his face (so how does he browse?) but got 18 points anyway.  The colour and saturation were not in favour on ‘Taking the Tube’, getting 17.
Marny’s ‘Cascades’ needed more water and gained 16 points. The individual ‘favourite’ was ‘Red Shank’, taken at Slimbridge, by the judge of our last competition, Clive Greenland.
Frome came tenth (from eleven clubs) Devizes only just in front – most unusual.
So, an interesting evening.

Images: Club members
Report: Marny Thompson LRPS

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