Committee for 2018-19 Season

Chairman:           Carole Zimmerman CPAGB

Vice Chairs:        Andrew Folker,  Brian Adams, Marny Thompson LRPS, Peter Clarke,

Secretary:           Peter Clarke

Treasurer:           Ray White

Programme:        Anjalika Baier                    
Secretaries:         Vacancy for assistant prog. sec

Competition:        Marny Thompson  LRPS                 
Secretary:            Vacancy for assistant comp sec

Competition:       Committee members to organise one each
Secretary:           Vacancy for permanent comp. sec. & assistant

Member:              Becky Morris

To contact any member of the Committee please use the “Contact Us” page to send your communication.  The e-mail address that receives these messages is monitored regularly and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate recipient.

Additional Posts:  Print Day Organiser – Mil Chimley LRPS
(not committee)    Webmaster – Mil Chimley LRPS