Macro and Close-up Practical

Having enjoyed a great presentation by Derek Gale on Macro and Close-up Photography last week the programme this week was a practical session to try out what we’d learned.
Members brought in the necessary cameras, some with tripods in evidence too, but also a light pad, various lights, back drops, front drops (but no pear drops) and a variety of objects to photograph close-up. The only thing missing was the centre of a toilet roll which, while being almost the cheapest method of allowing your lens to focus close-up, isn’t recommended for the health of your sensor.
Members were standing up, bending down, looking through viewfinders, studying backscreens, focus peaking, focus stacking, and generally trying out every technique they could remember.
While the majority were engaged in that Geoff was photographing the photographers but also took the opportunity to get a bit creative as evidenced by the images below.
The other things in evidence were the usual good natured banter and the willingness of the members to help each other either with the loan of equipment or props, and the sharing of expertise.
The cherry on the cake this week was the return of former member Ian who has joined the club again; welcome back Ian.
Most of us will have the opportunity to sit back and take a rest next week, except for Peter who will be talking about the techniques involved in getting those stunning wildlife images of his, plus his A-V of his trip to Costa Rica.

Images: Geoff Sims & Mil Chimley
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS

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