Members’ Evening 20th November 2018

Tuesday was an interesting evening where we reviewed the images taken at a variety of recent club meetings, so included both indoor and outdoor photography from a range of members.
As images were displayed the author was invited to talk about their work if they wished to. Peter explained how he had used the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique on a night shot in the town. This involves taking at least 3 images, one exposed for the shadows (so largely over exposed), one exposed for the highlights (so largely under exposed) and one taken for the mid-tones (average metering). The images are then combined to create a result that has detail both in the highlight and shadow areas.
Mil talked about her images that used the Focus Stacking technique whereby a series of images are taken moving the point of focus each time, then combining the images in Photoshop© to create a result with sharp focus across all the desired subject but keeping the background out of focus.
We saw a variety of close up images taken indoors with lighting from above or underneath from a light box. Autumnal detritus of leaves and fungi had been popular subjects along with a glass filled with coloured water and using s stripy background.
Emma’s selfie (a request from our chairman/woman to all members, to be taken on one of our practical evenings) was original and interesting too, taken outdoors by streetlight. She also showed us her “only images with a light trail” which was great to see that, even though she has only been a member for a matter of weeks, she is stretching her photographic boundaries and accepting the advice so readily available by more experienced photographers.
We saw images taken when Warminster Camera Club were invited to be the official photographers at Sutton Veny Flower Show in the summer. There were some beautiful candid images of children, the hawks flown during the afternoon, and other characters dressed up for the event.
Finally we saw a few images taken by club members who had attended the London Camera Exchange event promoting the ability of Panasonic cameras to take images in black and white.
All in all it proved to be a very interesting evening viewing the images club members had taken when challenged to try a particular genre or technique, and our thanks go to all those who submitted images and talked about their work.

Iamges: Club members
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS

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