AGM 2018

AGM (that’s Annual General Meeting)

It was good to see members turn out for the AGM yesterday. But if people were expecting a short meeting and a trip to the pub, they were disappointed as the meeting went on later than usual, there were a lot of things to discuss, and people’s different views to hear.
Firstly, congratulations to John Croad, who has a very special birthday on Sunday (we’ve all signed a card) and he has been made a life member of the club. As I gave him the card, he told me he had been a member for 40 years. He still enters the competitions, carry on John.
I think the next important event (although it was later on Agenda) was a new award – the Don Harrison Trophy (to be awarded to the person other members felt had made the most improvement during the year, voted on by a secret ballot). And the winner was Denise Broomfield; well deserved Denise. Don Harrison was also a life member who sadly died a couple of years ago; we think he would approved of the members’ choice.
The new Committee was voted in unanimously; new Chair is Carole Zimmerman. We are still looking for an Assistant Programme Secretary to help Anjalika and take over from her next year.
We solved the need to fulfil the Competition Secretary role by sharing internal Competitions between Peter, Ray, Marny and Richard. Marny seemed to agree to be External Competition Secretary; Mil has volunteered to organise Print Day.
A couple of agreements worthy of note (see minutes for details):

  • Pools – revert to A and B, top scoring in 2017/8 to go into A
  • Enrolment Evening: Existing members can pay with cash, cheque or bank transfer. New members can come for 2 weeks trial free, must pay on third visit
  • Guests will be charge £4 per meeting
  • Print Day – schedule to be a bit longer, and made clearer for clubs attending

Images: Geoff Sims
Report: Marny Thompson LRPS


WCPF Travelling Portfolio

At tonight’s meeting a select gathering met to review 92 (or was it 93?) images from the Western Counties competition for 2017. For full details of the portfolio see
Three categories were in the selection, Mono, Wildlife and Open. Spit into 4 teams each image was assessed and the best three selected by each team in turn.  Plenty of banter as to which to select and a surprisingly wide difference in the selections, particularly in the Open section.  After all images had been reviewed the top scoring images were again assessed  and marked.
In the Wildlife section (which was surprisingly small) there was complete agreement on the winning image (Bee Eaters) which actually agreed with the WCPF judges who awarded it the Gold medal.  The Mono section proved to be more difficult with the teams splitting their main points between 4 different images. None of these matched the judges Gold selection which didn’t even reach our top three! What do Judges know?
Even harder was the Open section with many more images to assess.  Three of the teams agreed on Francesca as being the top image with Old Wrecks coming in a popular second. Unfortunately none of our top three featured the Gold Medal winner selected by the WCPF judges! Good fun and a BIG thank you to Anjalika for putting it all together.

Images & Report by Peter Clarke


And the winners are……..

This week we held the last competition of the season, the Digital Image of the Year for the David Wiltshire Trophy, and Print of the Year for the George Writer Trophy.
In this competition members are permitted to enter up to 2 images that have been in the Pool Points competitions, making their entry up to a total of 3 images with previously unseen work. In this way many of the top scoring images from previous competitions were now up against each other.
The judge for the evening was Adrian herring ARPS DPAGB, a very experienced and well-respected photographer and judge, accompanied by his wife Vanessa.
Starting with the digital images Adrian gave his assessment and we finished up with 4 images having gained the maximum 20 points. These were Wave Rider by Carole Zimmerman, Over in a Flash and Calling Ewe both by Mike Williams, and Hoverfly on Flower by Angus Donald. Adrian explained how very hard it was to pick an overall winner from 4 such excellent images, but in the end gave the nod to Mike’s amazing image of mating kingfishers Over in a Flash.
After the refreshments interval we viewed the prints and again there were some great images. Adrian gave the top marks to three images, Immature Parasol Mushroom by Mil Chimley, Dartford Warbler with Spider’s Web by Angus Donald, and Magnificent Hummingbirds by Peter Clarke, and Adrian again said how very difficult it was to pick an overall winner from 3 excellent individual images. After some careful deliberation the trophy went to Peter Clarke for his humming birds which was undoubtedly the hardest to have photographed.
Congratulations to Mike and Peter who were presented with the appropriate shieds by Adrian, and commiserations to Carole, Angus (for both digital and print images) and Mil for having been so very close to winning.
Marny thanked Adrian for his helpful and considered assessments, and special thanks to Denise for taking notes of the judge’s comments all season which members find so helpful, especially if they were unable to attend the meeting.
So, that’s competitions over for the season. We’ve seen some excellent images produced by our members this season and the general standard seems to have got higher.
Next week the club hosts the WCPF Travelling Portfolio, which is a fun evening of members getting to assess work from other people, followed by the AGM on 24th April to complete the formal programme.

Images: Geoff Sims & Club members
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS

David and Peter Entertain

Last night we were treated to two travelogues of their trips to India from two different club members.
David Covey started by relating how, when working in Brussels with an Indian co-worker, he was invited to attend a wedding in India. He accepted, and his India adventure began. Firstly he explained that the camera he took wasn’t up to current day standards. Nonetheless took some fascinating images of life in India and was permitted to photograph elements of the wedding where normally only participants and religious men could go.
David had taken numerous photographs of stunning figures carved straight into huge areas of rock, ranging from humans, to cattle and gods. He was lucky to be able to include some people in the images to give us an idea of the scale of the carving. People and animals were generally close to life sized, but the gods were always portrayed larger than life.
After the interval Peter Clarke entertained us with images of his India trip which was 23 years after his first visit there, and he had seen many changes. One major difference was that most of the visitors to iconic location were Indian whereas previously Europeans probably made up the majority.
Once quite waterways Peter described as now being “like the Norfolk Broads on steroids”, so rather busier that before. Peter and his wife spent a week living on a boat that had been converted from a working boat into a comfortable home on the water, an it looked a little like a thatched cottage.
A feature of note was how very colourful everything about India is, from the clothes of the local people to the implements and vessels they use.
Peter had put his presentation into an audio-visual with suitable accompanying music. Progressing in chronological and geographical sequence of his trip we saw life on the streets and waterways of India plus a considerable number of birds and wildlife. Looking straight into the open jaws of a very large crocodile was a little disconcerting but hopefully Peter was using a very long lens at the time or had been in training to run faster than the croc could.
Our thanks go to David and Peter who had obviously both put a lot of thought and preparation into their presentations and gave us a very enjoyable evening rich in images and anecdotes.
The evening again demonstrated the talent from within the club and concluded a very successful series of Members’ Presentation Evenings this season.

Images: Geoff Sims, David Covey & Peter Clarke
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS