Gig Photography – 24th January

Billed as an update on last year’s ‘Gig Photography’ presentation by Paul and Marny, members got more than expected, with additional presentations by Anjalika and Denise.
Paul was called away by work commitments in Scotland, but delivered his update by memory stick. Both Paul and Marny decided to update by learning and using ‘Pictures to Exe’ – an audio-visual (AV) program; input your images, add music, create an executable and can be easily presented. It makes the presentation look professional, it’s fun to create – hours of fun and design ahead – once we’ve learnt how to do it!
It also takes quite a lot of images, just to make a presentation 3-4 minutes. Denise and Anjalika volunteered to help fill the evening – they both go to festivals and other venues – so the audience got a wide selection of images and musical taste, which seemed to go down well.
Paul created two AVs – both local bands, tribute bands and from performances at the Prestbury and the Mason’s Arms. The black&white, with music ‘Sound of Silence’ by Disturbed – worked really well. The colour one was interesting but not as good.
Marny created two – Pete Gage Band (now a local Frome band, previously he was with Geno Washington, Vinegar Joe and Dr Feelgood) from a recent gig at the Cornerhouse; the second one a flamenco street band (Tablao Sur) in Barcelona.
Denise told us about her history with creating concerts for disabled people and ‘blackmailing’ artists to play for free. She met lots of musicians in this way, including ‘Show of Hands’; her son also plays with a band. We were treated to her ‘festival’ clothes, including some which make her family disown her (you had to be there to appreciate it).
Anjalika displayed a lot of knowledge about unusual instruments, their names and origins (fortunately I’m not expecting to be tested on the names). She showed lots of images of a band she knows well, ‘Batch Gueye’ – with images from various concerts and festivals, including some background about Senegal. She also took us to Ghana and a Trinidadian street festival – all very interesting, including the added video of a dance lesson!

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Images: Geoff Sims
Report: Marny Thompson

17th January 2017

While I was selfishly keeping my germs to myself I’m told that Question Time was interesting and fun.  Unfortunately, for the present at least, I have no other details of the evening but have kindly been sent the images taken at the evening.

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Images: Geoff Sims
Lack of Report: Mil Chimley

PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR MULTI-CLUB PRINT COMPETITION IS ON SATURDAY 11TH FEBRUARY, and not the 12th as shown in early copies of the programme.