Members’ Presentation Evening 24th October

An evening of two halves with Brian as acting chairman … and he acted rather well.
Six people (Maurice, Mil (not present due to being in Derbyshire), Judy, Richard, Brian, & Anjalika) displayed their results from the evening with Brian Tarling and the Low Light evening. They showed how, with varying degrees of success, they had coped with the low light situations and ended up with some very good and interesting images.
In the second half Carol presented on her trip to Newfoundland, or her extreme beach holiday as it was also known. She said that there were three types of picture – why? Arty-farty, and okay. Her pictures conveyed the remote, foggy landscape in atmospheric,  subtle colours. Carol noted that when conditions were less than ideal for photography you should enjoy what you see and show what is there. Many little coves, all deserted, provided nice setting and there were lots of pictures of ice. Really lots of ice as it was the time that Newfoundland had the most pack ice for years, extending out 50miles out from island. A very enjoyable window on to a unique place.
Thanks to all who participated in another good evening.

Images: Geoff Sims
Report: Paul Duckworth

Oh Yeah – Robin Gregory

I don’t think we’ve ever had a presenter who made us laugh so much. Robin is a great storyteller as well as one of the most creative photographers, who uses Photoshop to turn his wide range of different images into art pieces, showing his own unique style. His images range from portraits to street photography, using little people, and doing what he calls ‘doodling’ (my doodles don’t look anything like his). And he showed us how he has fun with his hobby and certainly gave us a fun evening. Have a look at his website for some of his amazing results (
Robin did tell us what camera he has (an ageing Fuji S100X) and told us how he had discarded his DSLR in favour of the smaller, simpler camera as he is really not interested in the camera, as long as it will take the image he wants. A car takes you from A to B – that’s how he treats his camera. It’s what he does with the images that is so interesting and inspiring.
He starts with the idea, maybe setting up the original image with still figures or models. Robin freely shared some insights into how he achieves his artwork by running some interesting audio-visual demos. Did you know you can make an image into a brush in PS? Well, you do now. He makes his own textures, scans bits, draws, likes taking strange things like smoke and manipulating this into quite exotic artwork, adding colour into B&W – not colour-popping, simply colorizing like old photographs.
He’s won numerous awards for his work, WCPF, PAGB, been accepted into Salons. Many images may take 3 months (not continuously!!) as he experiments and ‘doodles’ trying new things to get the effect he wants.
He also likes creating images with ‘little people’ – a technique that involves some small model people (think they are from model railways or similar) and he obviously has a lot of fun with these, placing them in lifelike situations and photographing them using a certain technique.
Robin’s view is that the best way to learn is to take pictures, load onto a computer and have some fun. He likes doing talks as he enjoys sharing his images with other photographers. We certainly enjoyed his brand of fun and thanks for a great evening Robin.

Images: Geoff Sims
Report: Marny Thompson LRPS

Competition No 1 – 10th October

For the first competition we had a safe pair of hands in our judge John Tilsley. John has been to Warminster in the past as both a judge and a presenter, so we knew we would get an honest but constructive view of our work.
In the DPIs John held back several images which were destined to get the best marks, but not until all the DPIs had been assessed did John reveal how those top marks were distributed. Debra Williams had two 18s, Mike Williams had an 18 and a 19, Angus Donald, Gemma Annan and Andrew Folker got 19 points apiece, but the top spot of 20 marks went to Carole Zimmerman’s image of a surfer “Taking the Tube”.
After the refreshment break we looked at the prints and again John held several back until we’d been through them all before awarding the top marks. Carole Zimmerman gained an 18, Peter Clarke, Anjalika Baier and Denise Broomfield gained 19s, and the 20s went to Anjalika Baier for “Trading on the Move” and Peter Clarke for “Coal Tit”.
As is always the case with John Tilsley we had a full explanation as to the merits of any image, and those things he thought might improve an image and the evening was, as intended, an opportunity for us all to learn.
Congratulations to everybody who took par, and especially to those who gained the best of the marks.
Thanks also to Denise Broomfield who has taken notes of John’s comments for each image which can be found in the Members Only area of the web site. If you’re a member and have lost the password please contact Mil through the webmaster e-mail address.
Finally thanks to Andrew, assisted by Becky, for running the raffle.

Images: Geoff Sims & Members
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS

Members’ Presentation Evening – Seasons

The subject for the first member’s presentation of this season was the perennial photographer’s subjects. Thanks to Anjalika, Brian, Judy, Richard and Marny, who showed us some presentations with their own take on the subject.
Anjalika displayed various aspects of the subject, with many of her usual abstract images, which work very well. She also reminded us about the great workshop we had last year with Derek Gale – ICM – intentional camera movement. Very effective and left many of us thinking ‘I need to try that’.
Brian had lots of bluebell images, taken in a couple of fairly local places, which he happily shared with us. He also showed us some images of the Hanging Langford poppies – seen once and never again (well you can always hope they will be there again). July also showed us lots of bluebells.
Richard approached the subjects in a different way; again sharing the locations, some of us recognised, others took notes. He had to rush through his presentation, which was a shame, as others had taken longer and we’d had more time to view their images. Marny used the ‘Autumn Colours’ subject to look at some other images of autumn, harvested fields, fireworks and even the light shows at Longleat. She’s looking at garden flowers now in preference to the poppies and bluebells, and learning to try to make use of her tripod.
The member’s evenings were very popular last year and we have a few scheduled for this season – it’s great to see other people’s images and learn from how they approach a subject.
Richard very kindly did some notes on the subjects, which you might find useful.

Images: Geoff Sims
Report: Marny Thompson LRPS