Warminster v Frome Wessex Battle 2018

Somerset visited Wiltshire this week as Frome Wessex Camera Club visited us for our annual competition – for some reason it is called a ‘battle’. Last year Frome Wessex hosted the competition, this year it was their turn to travel to us.
Penny Piddock DPAGB, AFIAP, was our judge for the competition held on Tuesday 27 March, 2018. Penny is an experienced judge and also a photographer in her own right; she travelled from Dorchester but she knows her way to the Club as she’s been to us before, and we were pleased to welcome her and her husband Spike again.
The rules of this particular match are that both clubs provide 15 digital images (from 15 different photographers) and 15 prints (again, 15 different photographers). As Warminster has about half as many members as Frome so it’s not easy for us to find suitable images from that many club members, but we didn’t do badly.
First up were the PDIs and by the interval Frome Wessex had notched up a comfortable lead. Warminster scored a little better than Frome Wessex in the prints but not enough to overhaul the deficit and Frome Wessex ran out winners by 520 points to Warminster’s 507.
Well done Frome Wessex; they did deserve to win as they had some great images but well done to both clubs for what was a superb collection of images.
Penny was a fair and reasonable judge, giving valuable and honest critique, and awarded a total of 5 images the top marks of 20, plus 6 others which gained 19 points.
The standard was high as both clubs select the best they have from a pool of images. The digital images awarded 20 were both from Frome Wessex: ‘About to Pounce’ by Andrew Washington and ‘My Neighbour No 1’ from Martin Box. Two of the three prints scoring 20 points were from Warminster: ‘Browsing on the Company Vehicle’ by Carole Zimmerman and ‘Dartford Warbler with Spider’s Web’ by Angus Donald. The other top scoring print was ‘Enchantment’ by Frome’s Loveday Powell.
Penny made a valuable observation about some of the prints in that they may have looked even better on a different print paper to the standard default Lustre, and one or two of the images helped her demonstrate this. Penny considered that an “art” paper may have worked better and more sympathetically with a small number of images. It’s a factor we’ll have to remember when selecting for next year’s competition.
David Chedgy, Chairman of Frome Wessex, thanked us for the event and said he was looking forward to the return match, in Frome next year. A good showing from both clubs and a most enjoyable evening.

Images: Geoff Sims & Members
Report: Marny Thompson LRPS



Comp No 4

Last night was Competition No. 4, the last of our Pool Points competitions for the season. Now a member of Frome Wessex because they meet on a Friday evening, our judge for the evening was former member, and still a friend of the club, Huw Alban. Huw is an experienced photographer and now an experienced and well-respected judge who always puts a lot of time and thought into his assessments.
Huw went into a lot of detail of what he liked in an image and gave thoughtful advice as to where he thought an image could be improved, and members find this very helpful. Huw also explained that it was only his opinion and another judge may have a completely different point of view and will give a different score.
We started with the 30 PDIs where there were number of high scoring and maximum scoring images. First up was a super image of a Spider & Lunch by Angus Donald, although some of us preferred not to keep the image on display for too long. That scored the maximum 20 points as did Angus’s reptile image Curly Tail. Carole scored 20 with another of her great images of surfers and Paul scored two 20s with his gig images of Brakelight at Inspire Warminster and Elvis Tribute. Other 20s were David Covey for his interesting image of fireworks on a November Night, Mike for Calling Ewe and Debra for Window Reboot (so peace in the Williams household then).
After the interval we viewed the prints and again many of the images achieved a good score. Only 2 maximum points among the 18 prints being Peter for Darter and Denise for Cheap Street in the Rain.
Vice Chairman Peter thanked Huw for his assessments and welcome advice.
For members the complete score sheets, Judge’s comments summaries, and Pool Tables can be found in the Members’ Only area of the web site.

Images: Geoff Sims & Members
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS

Quiz Night 13/03/18

On Tuesday we were treated to a fun night courtesy of Paul Duckworth who had devised The Quiz of the Year. We were split into teams of 3 or 4 members so as to pool brain cells.
There were 4 sections in the quiz – General, Technical, History and Modern. Paul’s confession that he’d used one or two questions from last year’s quiz wasn’t much help to those who have difficulty in remembering what they did that morning, let alone what was in last year’s quiz.
There was much head scratching and a great deal of laughter as we worked our way through some fiendish tests of our limited knowledge. The technical questions were particularly difficult as it required some mental arithmetic the like of which most of us hadn’t practiced in many a year.
After the interval, in which Paul had surreptitiously swapped the answer papers on the tables round, we resumed to find another team’s answers in front of us. Paul then took us through the correct answers and we diligently marked and counted points.
The eventual winners were the only team of three being Gary aided and abetted by Marny and Mil. To be fair Gary probably knew more than his 2 team members put together, so he is likely to be highly sought after for next year’s quiz. Perhaps his comparative youth had something to do with his superior memory.  There were no prizes but the winners had the satisfaction of having won something this year.
Our thanks to Paul who put together the questions and acted as quizmaster, and we can only hope he’ll have the time to construct another next year.

Images: Geoff Sims
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS

Match-an-Image v Wincanton Camera Club

We did win again, but must closer, well done to Wincanton who learnt fast and posed some difficult challenges. Many thanks to our judge, Brian Tarling, who was very fair, particularly with all the barracking and shouting from both sides in the competition; he just joined in.
I cannot remember all the Leaders and Followers (15 Leaders from each side), but I make a few comparisons at how we all tried to cheat and pretend some very dubious matches.
Wincanton put a leader of a map and a plane model. As we had no planes (our Red Arrows had gone against a plant) we put forward ‘Old Soldier’ and claimed he was a pilot. Brian was having none of that and declared ‘No Match’ but did think our image was ‘more interesting’ and therefore we each got a point.
We put forward an image of some people on an escalator, with a reflection, which formed an interesting triangle. Wincanton made a good stab with an apex of a hut. After a lot of discussion, Brian decided it was not a match. He did think a match was made with our response of Clevedon Pier to a seaside set of stairs, so we did OK with fighting off that one.
Warminster thought the window image of some coloured gloves was hard to match, but Wincanton proved us wrong with an image of some coloured (travel?) rugs. A match and they got the best image (Brian’s view was that the window display was someone else’s art – ie the window dresser). We tried again with a window display – the art of chocolate making – we were foiled again, with their eggs, set against a stripey background – and they got best image too. A very interesting image of some skeletons and bones floored us, so we displayed a selfie against a brocken spectre (at least it was people) – no dice (and Brian was right, we all agreed!).
Three flying ducks by Wincanton; we beat that one ‘Puffin Landing’ with 2 points gained. One of Carole’s surfers also won against a seaside pool/shell image – it was a good try though.
So well done Wincanton – what game are we playing next year?

Images: Geoff Sims
Report: Marny Thompson LRPS