Three went to Bradford-on-Avon

On Thursday afternoon Anjalika, Brian and Mil went to Bradford-on-Avon for a walk along the canal towpath as far as Avoncliff. It was a very warm and sunny day and the light was still very bright by mid-afternoon but they felt that it was a useful exercise in maintaining camera familiarity and practicing composition. Even if the resulting images don’t get into next season’s competitions it’s always worth exposing a few pixels to keep one’s hand in.
As expressed by Brookes Jensen in his book, “Letting Go Of the Camera”, a violinist or athlete train and practice for a performance or event not just turn up on the day, so why should a photographer expect to take out his/her camera only once a month and take a masterpiece?
Anyway, upon reaching Avoncliff our merry band sought refreshments in the guise of tea and ice-cream; Brian had tea, Anjalika had ice-cream and Mil couldn’t make up her mind so had both (oink, oink).
The weeks between now and the start of next season present good opportunities for club members to team up and visit a location to see what differing images they each make despite being in the same place. Club members looking for company on a trip out should pop it on an e-mail to one of the committee and it will be passed out to fellow members, and look out for e-mails of where others are going as you may want to go too.
Good info on Tide Times can be found at for example as this can be all important to a trip to the coast.
Whatever you do, do it safely and make sure you go out suitably prepared.

Images & Report: Mil Chimley LRPS

Pixilated Ladies Went To Padstow

The Pixilated Ladies (Marny, Carole & Mil) went to Padstow last week; shame nobody had booked good weather as they lost 1 day and 2 half days to rain, so less pixilating occurred than was hoped for. However, when the rain lifted and the clouds became more scattered they got out and looked at a few coastal locations.
Carole, fired up by more success with acceptances into Salons, was very enthusiastic and was out the car and shooting before Marny & Mil could draw breath. Once the car was secured they did follow on and looked for their own take on the location. The coast was certainly dramatic and offered itself up for capture in camera.
There was no shortage of good food and cream teas regularly featured on the menu.
Hopefully they have collected enough material to do “Pixilated Ladies Went To Padstow” in next season’s programme but we’ll have to see once the selection and editing has been done. Certainly enough images were taken to produce a short A-V.
Just a couple of photos as a taster.

Photos & Report: Mil Chimley LRPS

Bluebells in Grovely Wood 2nd May 2017

A small band of 7 club members, and Richard’s wife Maureen, ventured to Grovely Woods to capture the bluebells. Inevitably the light was poor and a grey sky gave rather flat images but it was good to go together anyway as we were greeted by a solid mass of light purple.
Unlikely to take any prize winners we all exposed some pixels anyway as it was a good opportunity to practice composition to see what worked and what didn’t. The few images here were taken by Denise, Richard and Mil.
Members should keep an eye on their e-mails for news of further impromptu meetings during the summer.

Images: Club members
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS

Annual Competition 18th April 2017

The penultimate meeting of the season was, as usual, the Annual Competition. Here members test their best images of the season against each other and to enter new material if they wish. So, many of the images had been seen in the Pool Points competitions, but not necessarily up against each other, and not in front of this judge. Our judge for the night was Brian Tarling who has judged for us before and who presided over our Match-an-Image battle with Wincanton last month.
The standard of the images was high and Brian gave many positive comments, as well as his thoughts and suggestions on where improvements may be achieved.
Carole Zimmerman’s image “Down” of a surfer on a huge wave was the winner in the DPI category, only marginally beating Angus Donald’s “Pelican in Flight“, which also received 20 points, but Peter Clarke’s “Hummingbird Hawk Moth” was a clear winner of the prints. Both were very well deserved and Carole felt better about her image, accepted by the Bristol Salon and the Southampton International exhibitions, being given a mere 12 points in our battle with Frome Wessex.
The raffle had an array of good prizes and was run by Kathryn with her usual cheerful efficiency.
The winners were presented with their trophies, Brian received due thanks, and a good evening was had by all.

There are no images in this gallery.

Images: Geoff Sims
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS