Low Light Photography 19th September

This week Brian Tarling joined us again to talk about low light/night time photography, having been to Warminster to judge on previous occasions.
The first half of the session consisted of Brian telling us about the things we needed to consider like using a tripod for long exposures, thinking about ISO, aperture and shutter speeds and the means to release the shutter without moving the camera, so by timer delay or cord release.
Brian also talked about the useful bits of equipment he’s acquired over the years like a good torch (doesn’t have to be big to be effective) and gloves that you wear and can still manipulate your camera controls. He also took us through the use of the soft-edged graduated filter to balance a scene where an area is significantly brighter than the rest, and a polarising filter to simply reduce the amount of light entering the camera to facilitate long exposures.
All of this was backed up by numerous example photographs that enforced the advice Brian was imparting.
In the latter part of the evening those that had brought tripods and cameras were able to experiment by taking images of some sample tabletop props in very low lighting conditions. Brian was on hand to help anybody who needed it so that we all got results in amazingly little light.
By the end of the evening we felt we were at least on the right road to having a new photographic skill thanks to Brian Tarling. (Thanks also to those members who brought extra tripods to loan to others).

Images: Anjalika Baier
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS

Image Review 12th September

Mil had done a lot of work putting together several audio-visual (AV) presentations which were shown on Tuesday. The first collected together all the images entered into the Warminster Camera Club competitions during the 2016-2017 season. It was good to see some excellent images again and hopefully inspired the new members to take part in the club competitions. This was followed, after the break, by the images entered into the 2017 Print Day. The AV’s contrasted the difference in standard when clubs were showing images they considered the ‘best of the best’ from their members. Next there was an AV which showed the images entered into a fun event that Warminster and Trowbridge clubs took part in. A selection of 4 images were submitted from each club and then the other club edited them as they saw fit. It produced results that were varied and often humorous, and Mil had tried hard to find music to fit. Finally Mil showed a short A-V she’d produced to replicate the “Chairman’s Knockout Competition” she’d run at the start of last season. She had tried to bring a bit of variety into the way the A-V portrayed the chosen winner from a pair, but it was evident she’d has assistance from a late night and an alcoholic beverage or two. It was interesting to see which images had been voted as their choice from two by audience vote. We have an evening in the programme this season looking at how to go about making an Audio Visual using the popular PicturesToExe software, and Mil will be participating in that as well.
Report: Paul Duckworth
Images: Our regular contributor, Geoff Sims, has been unable to join us at club nights recently and we’d welcome a volunteer to take over this role for a bit.  Just bring a camera, take some “snaps” of the meeting, and e-mail them to the webmaster.

Visit to Fotofest 2017

Four members of the club attended FotoFest ’17 at The Edge, Bath University on Sunday 10th Sept.
The main draw for the event were four exceptionally experienced photographers; Martin Hartley, Paul Sanders, Ben Hall, and Colin Prior. However there was also the “market place” which featured stands by Fotospeed, Lumix, Canon, and others. Tea and coffee was supplied for the morning sessions which helped wake some of us up.
Martin, an expedition and adventure travel photographer, described his polar photography and the extreme conditions that he had to work in. One of the more gruesome pictures was a pair of his toes – not attached to his foot! He had lost them to frostbite. He showed some amazing photos of the vanishing wilderness of snow and ice.
Paul is now a landscape photographer, however he used to be the picture editor for the Times. He told of how having to daily sift through an average of 20,000 images including ones of accidents, wars, and terrorism had taken its toll and especially being responsible for photographers in conflict zones. His strong message was to take photographs for yourself and that the technical details do not matter as long as the feeling behind the image is conveyed.
Ben Hall presented some fantastic wildlife images. He showed how he liked to include quite a bit of the background to show the habitat and environment that the animals lived in. One of the interesting tips he shared was that snow provides a good reflector that illuminates parts of the underside of the animal that are normally in shadow.
Colin Prior presented his version of landscape photography. His talk was in two halves, the first on how he had put together a photographic interpretation of the Nan Shepard book ‘The Living Mountain’ representing each of the chapters with a collection of his photographs. The second part was on the Karakorum mountain range in Pakistan, which includes that famous peak K2. His images captured the dramatic and expansive landscape of the area and the deeply impressive mountains.
The day ended up with a round table discussion and included taking some questions from the audience. Topics covered included; the still image and its place in the modern world, how a landscape photographer achieves a standout picture, did the panel still get the ‘buzz’ when it all came together, using photography to communicate, balancing commercial work with doing what they wanted, and the effect of seeing the printed images displayed.
All in all it was an excellent day out and definitely one to keep an eye out for next year.

Report & Images: Paul Duckworth


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