Photoshop with Ray Grace

We were very pleased to welcome back Ray Grace, who had agreed to talk to us about Photoshop, as we still all need to learn more. Ray has an excellent way of describing difficult subjects in a clear and precis manner, enabling us all to understand more.
Members had requested some subjects, which we passed to Ray, so that he could address these. Layers and layer masks (this is a standard subject it seems), focus stacking, whether or not to use the RAW editor, resizing and saving images.
Ray uses Photoshop CC, so he has the latest version (the Adobe package also includes Lightroom). Some members use Photoshop Elements, but of course the principals are the same.
I’m not going to detail everything that was covered (I couldn’t write that fast!) but he has kindly offered a set of his notes which will be available to all in the members area soon.
We learnt about layers and masks, blending modes, short cuts (much quicker once you have learnt them), adjustment layers (and remember, an adjustment layer affects everything in the layer stack below it, unless it is clipped). Demonstration about how to change a background (sky for example) and talked about lots of tips and tricks (I just wish I could remember them all – ‘how did Ray say to do that’).
I think we were all fascinated by a demonstration of just how many changes are possible in the RAW editor, starting with fixing the biggest problem; use of sliders and gradients showed us that it wasn’t always necessary to hang around 3 hours waiting for a sunset that doesn’t happen. A couple of new functions in RAW editor – ‘range mask’ and ‘dehaze’, both useful.
And a final word on image size. An image entered for completion should be a maximum of 1400 pixels wide by a maximum of 1050 high. These are not interchangeable – if you have a portrait image, its maximum height is still 1050. Change the height to 1050 and the width will change automatically so long as you have the “constrain proportions” option ticked.
Thank you Ray for a very useful evening – I know we will see you again.

Images: Geoff Sims & Mil Chimley LRPS
Report: Marny Thompson LRPS

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