Search & Shoot 18-09-2018

This week we had a fun evening gaining some practical experience of subjects that were intended to challenge us. One of the biggest challenges chairman Carole had devised was that we were each to take a “selfie” on our cameras, not our phones.
Some members ventured out to look for images in the fading light including illuminations around the lake, and the light trails made by cars. Others stayed indoors to tackle tabletop subjects such as flowers, and of course the mandatory selfie. The latter caused much hilarity as most people opted for some sort of disguise by way of the hats Carole had brought in as props.
Do you recognise Pater Clarke from any of the selfies? Certainly his post processing has put a different twist on things!
Coffee or tea, and of course biscuits, were taken “on the hoof” as everybody was concentrating on their image taking and emerging only when a satisfactory result had been obtained.
It was good to see our new members joining in and gave us a good chance to get to know them better. A good time was had by all, with many a laugh, but also some interesting images produced.

Images: Geoff, Paul, Mil & Peter
Report: Mil Chimley LRPS


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