WCC Members Support SSAFA

SSAFA Wiltshire asked Warminster Camera Club to help out with their WWI Memories event on 9th & 10 June by providing some photographs for them. Paul Duckworth volunteered and attended for both days and member of both SSAFA and WCC, David Covey, took time out from manning a stand to provide valuable assistance on the Saturday.
The aim on Saturday was to take photographs of each of the stands, the exhibits and the people visiting the event. It was a challenge to get a SSAFA element in as many of the photos as possible. It was here that David proved to be a great assistance, approaching people and getting them to pose whilst Paul took the photos. The day was hot and sunny, which great for the event but made getting good photos in the harsh sunlight challenging.
On Sunday there was a march from the Market Square to the Cathedral by Cadets and Veterans, including bands. This was followed by a meet and greet by the local dignitaries and then a service in the Cathedral (though photography was prohibited inside the Cathedral itself – clicking of shutters and/or flash would have proved to be an unwelcome distraction from the service).
It was an enjoyable weekend and one which enable support to be given to a great charity. For more photos of the event please have a look at the SSAFA Wiltshire Facebook Page.

Images: Paul Duckworth
Report: Paul Duckworth

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